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Wie und wo übernachtet man auf einer solchen Reise durch Afrika?
- Ganz einfach: auf mehr oder weniger tollen Campingplätzen, sofern vorhanden (im südlichen und östlichen Afrika kein Problem), in Missionen, wo es immer friedlich, sauber und ruhig ist,  oder aber man sucht sich einen tollen einsamen Platz im Bush. Wir fühlten uns in Afrika auch während unseren Bushcamps in aller Regel sehr sicher. Allerdings mussten wir die mühsam gefundene Einsamkeit häufig innert Kürze mit unzähligen neugierigen und schaulustigen Einheimischen teilen. Nicht immer einfach, nach einem anstrengendem Reisetag ...


Wir haben hier die Übernachtungsplätze in Afrika zusammengestellt, die wir weiter empfehlen können - alle versehen mit Anfahrtsbeschreibung oder GPS-Koordinaten und einem kurzen Kommentar zum Platz, inklusive "hunderelevanter" Informationen. Für eine breitgefächerte Benutzerfreundlichkeit ist die Zusammenstellung in englisch verfasst...



Our recommended camps in Africa - beautiful and possible with dogs
Beautiful drives and general information                                          

means, that’s one of our top ten places!                                                              (print version: Camps in Africa )



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment

(Hammam Lif/Bordj Cedria)

Scouts Camp N 36 42.768/E 10 24.438

24 SE of Tunis

International scouts camp, quiet place under tall pine trees, on a long sandy beach, hot showers, closest campsite to Tunis, some wild but shy dogs
official health certificate (for free!) for animals to bring to Europe: école national de vetérinaire at Sidi Thabet, 20km north of Tunis, N 36 54.444 / E 10 02.919 (highway to Bizerte, turn off at big shoppingmal "Géant")
Toyota Garage: Industry Zone "Charguia I", just south of airport
Nabeul Hotel / Camping Jasmine N 36 26.559/E 10 42.924 Small and nice campsite, very clean, swimmingpool at the hotel for free, many cats and 1 dog

Tunisia is great for bushcamping! Many great places and nobody stop by. We bushcamped all the way up inland from Libyan borader to Tunis.

Beautiful drives:

Hilly region around Matmata

Tozeur - Tamerza - Gafsa, beautifull Mountains and Canyons around

Sakket Canyon near Gafsa N 34 21.773 / E 9 13.135, on over a beautiful pass with amazing view between Bou Saad (El Guettar)and Sened (best south-north, north side is 4x4 road, beautiful bushcampplaces on north side






We got a 10 days visa easily within 12 days from the libyan consulate in Alexandria (N 31 11.851 / E29 54.728). Same at embassy in Cairo. Since we could keep our passports during waitingtime and just hand them in for issuing the visa at the end, we could travel around Egypt while waiting.
We didn’t need a travelagency or guide. Officers at border are very helpful in doing the paperwork and organising numberplates and money chance in town (no other help needed). Visa 75.- E£ (=12.-$), numberplates 115 LD (100.-$) but 100 LD back at exit Libya. Bring some fiches (papers with personel datas, best in Arabic) for checkpoints


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Cyrene Cyrene Resort N 32 49.459/E 21 52.742 Free camping possibility on the compound, ok, but no shower
Leptis Magna Camping N 32 37.912/E 14 17.384 Opposite Parking of Leptis Magna, very loud, but shadow under palmtrees and grass, clean toilet/shower. Maybe camping also possible on parking 2 of Leptis Magna just opposite Campsite for free.
Sabratha Public Parking At ruins of Sabrath Big public Parking at the ruins near at the beach, nothing nice but ok, quite at night, for free
few km further west there are dunes along the beach – probably nicer for bushcamping

Bushcamping: with some effort, there are very nice places to find in the dunes at the sea (see below)

Beautiful drives:

About 45 km west of Tobruk beautiful dunes at the sea, turn off from main road: N 32 08.544/ E 23 28.085, also good for bushcamping

Between Tobruk and Dahrna: Detour to a lonely, very beautiful beach in a natural port, great! Turn off from main road: N 32 33.852 / E 22 54.147, Beach: N 32 39.008 / E 23 00.024, also good for bushcamping

Coastal Road from Dahrna to Cyrene

Main Road from Cyrene to Tukrah (Bengazi) through Green Mountains

Leptis Magna worth a days visit!!! The best preserved roman ruins we ever saw. Hugh place and not one other tourist!




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Asswan Adams Home N 24 10.135/E 32 51.971

North of Asswan

Peaceful place on the westbank of the Nile (crossing the Nile over the new bridge and drive back south), nubian house with rooms to rent, camping outside on the road, overlooking Nile, very friendly owner, no shadow, many wild dogs at night.
to clear custom with car takes at least 1 day! Not allowed anymore to stay over night with car in custom area (-> hotel)
Abu Simbel Parking Aerea N 22 33.872/E 31 62.181 Not nice but useful for visiting the temples, for free, toilets, no shadow
Luxor Rezeiky Camp N 25 42.700/E 32 38.914 Great place! Camping in the yard with trees and grass, swimmingpool, delicious food, very friendly and helpful staff, walkingdistance to sights, 3 dogs (2f+1m)
Safaga Hotel Orca N 26 47.619/E 33 56.154 Horrible place, toilet and shower ok but camping on a very dirty small parking with no shadow, expensive, dog not allowed on hotel compound and beach (only camping) But: There are hardly any camping possibilities on that coast (Sinai is better!) bushcamping is not allowed on the beach, hotels don’t allowed camping, dogs are not allowed in any hotel by order - so, not much choice …
El Quesir Rocky Valley Camp N 26 12.239/E 34 13.123

12 km north of town

Friendly place, camping right on the beach possible or on the parking opposite the road, beautiful reef for snoorkeling and diving (dive center), beach not good for swimming (stones), dogs welcome! 2 dogs (m+f)
Marsa Alam Beach Safari Camp N 25 11.856/E 34 49.119 Diving Camp, nice and very friendly place, camping officially not allowed but possible if a bungalow is rented (15 €), dogs welcome but officially not allowed inside bungalows, beautiful housereef, great for diving, not good for swimming (reef)
Cairo Salma Camp N 29 58.170/E 31 10.540 The only open campsite in Cairo when we were there. Nothing nice (except the view of the pyramids) but ok. Many wild and some tame dogs.
Sharm el Sheik Ras Mohammed NP Camping in NP Beautiful spot for snorkelling and relaxing. No people. Very basic infrastructure (bring water and food), dogs allowed in NP, some dogs at the campsite gate
Dahab Bedouine Village / Auski Camp N 28 29.527/E 34 30.958 Friendly Lodge with camping possibility on the parking, cheap, in the middle of town, directly on the (stony) beach, nice restaurant, diving school, great for snorkelling, swimmingpool at the hotel next door (20 £), dogs no problem
Nuweiba Morgana Camp N 29 01.927/E 34 40.349 Nice Bungalow-Campsite on a sandy beach with reef for snorkelling. Very friendly and helpful owner. Quiet, except big busses with tourists for lunch, but they not go to the beach. Good for long walks along beach, some wild but friendly dogs
Turn off to Coloured Canyon: N 29 02.920 / E 34 33.450

Along the Western Desert Road great for bushcamping in the desert

Alexandria: no campsites in or around! We spent one night on the parking of the carfour-shoppingmall (N 30 03.794 / E 31 01.571) Very loud (open until 2 am) and landing airplanes. Asking Mangement for permission, if possible park on the very far edge

Beautiful drives:

Western Desert Road Luxor-Cairo: beautiful desert scenery with nice oasis, highlight is the white desert (turn off: N 27 21.530 / E 28 10.041). We heard that organised desert trips for a couple of days from baharyia or farafra are very nice – but not in summertime!

Sharm el Sheik – Dahab – St. Catherins Monastery – Nuweiba - Coloured Canyon: good road (all tarmac) through stunning mountains and desert, turn off to Coloured Canyon: N 29 02.920 / E 34 33.450




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Khartoum Blue Nile Sailing Club N 15 36.696/E 32 32.072 Nice spot on the nile, friendly management, walking distance to town, camping on parking but: dirty toilets and shower, very noisy at night and expensive
Registration office near US-Embassy (Registrationletter at camping), not like in LonlyPlanet near nile:N 15 36.568 / E 32 33.897
Byblos Bank in Amarat near Airport (only place to get money with visa/master car, but 5% commission):N 15 34.398 / E 32 32.504
Dancing Derwishes Friday before sunset:N 15 37.553 / E 32 27.801
Camelmarket on Fridays (didn’t worth it): N 15 34.824 / E 32 22.673
Khartoum National Camping Residence N 15 31.439/E 32 34.189 Big place, cleaner than Blue Nile Sailing Club, but south of town
Wadi Halfa Bushcamping In the desert Passengerferry leaves on Wednesday to Asswan and have no ponton any more. Cars have to go by cargo boat at any day seperatly. No passenger allowed any more with the car, unless travelling with a dog (than 1 passenger is allowed to take care for the dog, dogs not allowed on pass.ferry), takes at least 1 day of preparation before leaving, Mazar or his Uncle help for a commission of 30 $ to arrange everything (very helpful since nobody speaks English and a lot of paperwork is to do), just ask in the town center for Mazar, he is well known, cost for one car (landcruiser/rover): +/- 670 $ including everthing

Great for bushcamping (what we did every where else)

Beautiful drives:

From Dongola along Nile to Wadi Halfa, great views over Nile, through impressing desert and cute little Nubian villages. But the road is very badly corrugated!!! A new tarmac road is under construction and should be finished by end of 2008


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Gondar Belegez Pension N 12 36.633 /E 37 28.313 Small and clean hotel, camping in the yard, clean and hot showers, cenrtal location
Bahir Dar Ghion Hotel N 11 35.874 /E 37 23.170 Nice Hotel on lakeside, quiet camping with lakeview, hot shower and toilet in room, excellent food, internet facilities, organizes boat trips to islands with monastery
Lalibela Seven Olives Hotel N 12 02.116 /E 39 02.802 Camping at Parking possible, hot shower and toilet in room, not much privacy, so difficult to cook and eat outside
we had no hassle in Lalibela and it is no problem to visit the churches without guide. Interesting traditional coffeeceremony in a small restaurant in town (signposted), great coffee bring at lest 2 hours of time
Kembolcha Tekle Hotel N 11 04.218 /E 39 44.599 Nice and clean place, quite camping on hill, hot shower, 1 dog (m)
Addis Abeba Baro Hotel N 9 01.836 / E 38 45.219 Friendly place, hot shower, camping at parking possible but not much space, difficult with rooftents, not possible with trucks, no privacy, so only recommended if possible to stay in the car (cooking, eating etc.) , Taitu Hotel around the corner has probably more space

Sudan Visa: only possible if one has already Egypt Visa – both need at least 1 day

Awasa Adenium Camping N 7 04.627 / E 38 29.050 Very nice, clean and friendly camping, german-ethiopian owned, excellent food, noisy neighbourhood (nightlong praying in church), two dogs
Konso Mariam Hotel N 5 20.375 / E 37 26.485
In the middle of town, camping at parking, but very noisy, clean shower and toilet only if one takes a room (single room 50 birr / camping per car 40 birr), bar and restaurant. Better option is probably Green Hotel north of townc to Arba Minch
Jinka Rocky Camp N 5 46.270 / E 36 34.974 Nice but basic place east of town, only very cold showers, for entering town by car one has to pay 50 birr
Turni ? N 4 58.575 / E 36 30.931
about 4 km east of town
Namless, basic campsite, only cold showers, extra cost for night guard, friendly staff

Beautiful drives:

To Lalibela from main road: takes about 2-3 hours, beautiful highland scenery

Turni – Konso: Ethiopien mountain scenery like we known it from pictures

Nice traditional and colourful market with different tribepeople on Thursday in Keyafer (near Jinka)


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
North Horr Catolic Mission or NGO Solidarité N 3 19.469 / E 37 04.181
in the center of village
Both very friendly and clean places, german fathers / French NGO, places opposite of each other, depending who has enough space, North Horr is very windy, try to park in windshade
South Horr Kurungu Camping N 2 09.871 / E 36 54.513
7 km north of town
Nice and friendly Samburu-community runned campsite, extra costs for water and guard, hot water for buket shower included, nice walks
Maralal Yare Safari Camp N 1 03.536 / E 36 42.674
5 km south of town
Nice campsite but only very cold shower and dirty toiletts, bar and restaurant, dogs only allowed when no other campers
Rumuruti Bobong Camp N 0 21.666 / E 36 37.758
18 km north of Rumuruti
Nice place on top of a hill with a tame cheetah, several friendly dogs
Mombasa, Tiwi Beach Twiga Lodge S 04 14.481/ E 39 36.175 Camping directly on the with beach, lots of palmtrees for shadow, restaurant and bar, because of reef swimming only with high tide possible

Ferry in Mombasa to Likoni: S 04 04.6698 / E 39 39.925

Namanga River Hotel S 241.432 / E 36.47.413 In town but quiet, nice and green, good for stopover for or after Amboseli NP, several dogs at night (10-6) to guard the place, keep own dog inside at night.
Amboseli NP Amboseli Public Campsite S 2.42.423 / E 37.13.140

Outside of park, drive through park to south end

Simple but nice, big campsite, 500KS/p, beautiful park with Kili and lots of animals. We smuggled dog in, no problem at campsite, just make sure, dog stay near the car (hyenas at night etc.) Bad road (corregation) from Namanga (50km), at campsite they offer tour to nearby masai-village (bargain for price, we paid 500KS for 2 Persons), very friendly masai, no hassle!, interesting tour, possible to take picture of people for free!
Nairobi Jungle Junction Lavington Quartier

S 1.17.325 / E 36.45.635

Big, nice, fenced compound, owner very helpful + mechanic, 2 dogs (f)

Toyota Garage: S 01 18.156 / E 36 49.362

Nairobi Nairobi Backpackpackers Milimani- Quartier

S 1.17.332 / E 36.48.149

Small yard, close to center, good food, 1 dog (m)
Lake Naivasha Fishermanns Camp S 0.49.574 /E 36.20.045 Big, nice campsite on the lakeside, hippos at night, 2 dogs (f+m)
Lake Borgoria NP Next to Hot Springs (in NP) 12 km south from Main Gate on main road Very nice Park, Pic-Nic-Aerea but camping possible at night, great natural „steamsauna" at hotsprings. With dog ok but on leash

Beautiful bushcamps along Lake Turkana Piste

Not recommended with own dogs:

Eldoret, Naiberi Riverside Camping, S 0.26.862 / E 35.25.327 – very beautiful campsite (expensive) but they have 7 big and a bit aggressive dogs (1f+6m), our dog was seriously attacked and bitten there!

Beautiful Drives:

Maralal – Lake Turkana – Omorate (Ethiopia): Takes minimum 4 days, trough beautiful nature with animals and traditional living tribes people, 2 different roads: through Siliboi NP (50.-$ for Transit, not much to see) or from North Horr straight to nordend of NP (carefull: the maps are not accurate in this part of Kenya, the North Horr Route we took is not marked, and the marked one doesn’t exist – better ask in North Horr for directions, once on the right piste, it’s not possible to miss it). In wet season it is better to do it with at least 2 cars (lots of mud…)


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Tanga Kiboko Camp S 5 03.893 / E 39 06.936 Quiet campsite with swiss-run restaurant, good food, big portion, 2 dogs on leash free at night
Pangani Peponi Beach S 5 17.235 / E 39 03.939 Beautiful and quite campsite directly at the beach. Nice bar and restaurant, great for relaxing! 1 dog and 4 cats at owners house.
Lushoto Irente Farm S 4 47.634 / E 38 15.932 Nice quiet and friendly campsite, Farmstore with delicious jam, bread, müsli etc., 2 very shy dogs "Africas Switzerland", mountains, good for hiking
Arusha Masai-Camp S 3.23.116 / E 3643.191

Southeast of town

We don’t really recommend it, but not much choice in Arusha to camp: nice place and bar/restaurant, but many overlandtrucks, loud party until midnight, hot shower was cold/toilet+shower dirty, several dogs->difficult with own dog
Bukoba Lake Hotel Hotel on lakeside Camping behind Hotel, good food
Mwanza / Kisessa Cultural Museum at Kisessa 32 km east of town to Musoma, follow signs for museum Only camping near Mwanza, ok and friendly but about 15 dogs! We camped right at the beginning of the parking aerea and dogs did not approach

(80 km east of Nzega)

Catholic Mission (withe fathers)

In the town of Igunga ask for Father Bolle

Father Bolle is very friendly, shows people around, possible to eat at the mission for free (donation), 2 dogs (f)
Dar-es-Salam Sunrise Beach Resort Southbeach,

(next door to Kipepeo)

S 6 51.047 / E 39 21.546 take Kigamboni Ferry:

S 6.49.193 / E 39.17.865

Shady campsite, beautiful beach, good food, 1 dog (f)

Kipepeo don’t allowed dogs anymore!

Shoprite/Game/Cinemas /Internet: Sam Nujoma Raod S 06 46.388 /E 39 13.205

Craft market opposite Shoprite: S 06 46.033 / E 39 13.634

Superdoll for Batteries and Tyres: S 06 50.311 E 39 15.468

Toyota Garage: S 06 50.167 / E 39 15.751

Zanzibar: expensive boat (35$ one way), big hassle at port, difficult to find a boat, that takes dogs (on Islamic baots only in transportbox), ticket for dog

Selous Game Reserve Mbega Camp S 7.45.689 / E 38.13.744

Camping next door

Very nice, 2km outside from park gate, on the river with hippos etc. boatsafari and gamedrive with mbega camp,
Mikumi NP Tan-Swiss Hotel 2 km west of Westgate

S 7.23.639 / E 37.00.093

Ok for 1 night, close to Mikumi to drive into Park, Snake Park next door
Iringa Old Farmhouse 50 km southwest of Iringa, signposted on main Road to Mbeya Nice campsite, excellent food+beautiful restaurant (a bit expensive but worth it!), dogs of the owner around at the restaurant at night, said to be aggressive, we didn’t see them.
Tukuyu Lutengano Monrovia Center 10 km south of Tukuyu, signposted Campsite at a school compound, ok, very nice region with teaplantations, interesting tea-tour with Ruarwe Tea and Tours (in town)

Beautiful drives:

Iringa to Mikumi through Baobab Valley and down high Pass

On Transit Road trough Mikumi NP: for Free, many animals really close (we saw even a lion), we did it 3 times and slept outside NP in Tan-Swiss Hotel

Longido – Lake Natron – Manyara: rough, small road, very nice, unspoiled nature and masai-villages, animals, vulcanos near lake natron (climbing possible with guide), takes at least 2 days, good for bushcamps (hiding not necessary masai finde you anyway, but they are very friendly), lake natron itself is kind of park -> entering fee 15$/p+car, camping 10$/p, we just turned and bushcamped, view of lake also from the raod, gate on the way to manyara: 5$/p (no bargaining possible). Longido – Lake Natron only possible in dry season!


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Sipi-Falls Twalight Camping Just before Crowsnest (next door)

N 1.20.114 / E 34.22.166

Nice place, beautiful view to falls and plains, better and more space than crowsnest, good food
Jinja, Bunjagali Falls Speke Campsite N 0.28.949 / E 33.09.496 Directly at the falls, nice, lots of visitors on week-ends, river-rafting
Kampala Red Chili hide away N 0.19.230 / E 32.37.831 Big campsite, many overlandtrucks, but ok. 2 old+friendly dogs
Fort Portal, Lake Nkuruba Community campsite Take the left campsite, the right one on the hill (new) is a fake and not community owned

N 0.31.113 / E30.18.131

Very nice and quiet, on rim of crater lake, good food, shy monkeys (no problem with dogs),
Kabale, Lake Bunyonyi Kalebas Campsite First Campsite on the lake

S 1.16.108 E 29.56.245

Small for car, but very friendly manager, 1 young dog (f)

If staying longer, overland camp next door better

Beautiful drives:

Kabale-Ishasha, on small piste, very hilly and green, no tourists

Sipi Falls around Mt. Elgon to Kenia borader (Suam border), very nice nature and fantastic views, no tourists, small and sometimes bad piste, slippery when wet.


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Livingstonia Old Stone House In Livingstonia Beautiful view, nice drive on old Livingstonia Raod from Rumphi
Rumphi Matunkha Cente

Orphanage centre, rural education

West of Rumphi

S 11.01.096 / E 33.50.318

Nice campsite, very good and cheap food in nice restaurant (best chips in Africa!), good stop before Niyka NP, manager Tiem knows shortcut to Niyka NP, several dogs, own dog better on leash
Nyika NP Chelinda Campsite

60 km from South Gate

S 10 34.981 / E 33 47.965

Beautiful campsite with animals very close, ok with dog (not asking, arriving late, keeping on leash), NP very nice nature
Chintheche, Kande Kande Beach Around 10 km south of Chintheche

S 11 57.100 / E 34 07.328

Real sandbeach, good campsite, very nice bar, overlandtrucks. 4 dogs (2m+2f) but not often around
Viphya Forest Reserve Luwawa Forest Lodge S12 07.183 / E 33 43.248

Signposted from Main Road, 12 km on piste

Very nice place in pine forest, like Scandinavia, very nice walks, 3 dogs (m+f)

Nice drive between Lilongwe and Mzuzu

Lilongwe Mabeya Camp (former Kiboko) On Livingstonia Road, southwest of town Nice campsite, good food, owners Tom and Janey are also travellers, very friendly, overlandtrucks, 2 dogs (m)
Nkhudzi Bay Nkhudzi Lodge S 14.10.389 / E 34 59.930 Beautiful campsite on the lake (swim), quiet! Good for drives to cape Maclear


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Pangane Complexo Turistico Hashim S 11.59.963 / E 40.32.663

+- 200km north of Pemba

Nice camping directly on the beach, very simple, very friendly, no tourist, beautiful fisherman village
Pemba Russels Place S 12.57.967 / E 40. 34.047 Ok campsite with 2 dogs (f+m), Russel has phone number of Ferry-man on the boarderferry Mozambique / Tanzania
Nampula Complexo Montes Nairucu S 15.02.416 /E 39.08.697

Road to Ribaue / Cuamba

Beautiful campsite on an artificial lake with mountains
Ilha de Moçambique Casuarina Helena On mainland, left before bridge

S 15.02.547 / E 40.41.731

Only campsite near ilha, nice, dirty beach, 3 dogs (m+f)

Visiting Ilha: free parking possible on the north end of peninsula at a expensive hotel

Mossuril /

Chocas Mar

Privat owned huts on the beach (just park and camp owner will come…) Few km south of Chocas Mar, after Churasco Hotel

+/- S14.59.150/E40.45.485

Most beautiful beach in Mozambique! Paradise! Only shade huts, no infrastructure. some have toilets, no tourists. Bring own water and food (only fresh fish available from fisherman), , look out for one where you can camp directly on the dune overlooking the sea. Bargain for price (we paid 80 Mtc./d)
Inhambane, Praia do Tofo Bamboozi Beach Lodge S 23. 50.484 / E 35.32.217 Nice campsite on the beach, a bit expensive, good restaurant overlooking the ocean, diving base, 2 dogs

Between Inhambane and Nampula: Bushcamps along the road (EN 1) in gravelpits



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Mbabane Grifthers Backpacker S 26 19.074 / E 31 07.730 Nice and close to town but difficult with dogs (2 dogs), Mbabane best place for Mozambique Visa (cheapest!)
Ezulwini Timbali Lodge S 26 23.742 / E 31 10.354 Nice, dogs officially not allowed but no problems
Ezulwini Legends Backpacker Signposted on Ezulwini Road Nice and familiar place, fenced, good for dogs



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Rafolatsane, 40 km from Sanipass north Molumong Lodge 7 km on Thaba Tseka Road

S 29 21.447/ E 29 00.393

Very nice Backpacker / Camping with beautiful view and nice walks
Katse Village Katse Guesthouse +/- S29 19.853 E28 28.876 Bungalows, we got our own Bungalow with fenced garden for 50 R bargaining (sleeping in car, using everything else in bungalow)
Leribe Leribe Hotel Downtown Leribe Camping on the parking / building site, not great but no choice

South Africa

Get the „Coast to Coast" Guidebook (for free in Backpackers) for all Backpacker / Camping (also Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique)

Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Ficksburg Ficksburg Camping downtown Very nice and big camping in the middle of nice town
Underberg, Drakensberge Khotso Backpacker Southwest of Underberg Friendly Backpacker, very interesting owner (Steve), some friendly dogs
Kamberg, Drakensberge International Backpacker   Beautiful place on a lake with very, very friendly owner. Has a female aggressive dog, but puts it on a leash
Bergville, Drakensberg Amphitheater Backp.

21 km north of Bergville

Very spacy, nice view
Harrismith Communal Camping West of town ok
Johannesburg Cat Village

Voluntary work

S 26.06.076/ E 028.21.359

Directions see comments

Owner Irma and Herbert, Cat+Dog sanctuary, always grateful for help!!! Free camping on privat ground (even without help)

N12 direction Witbank, exit 'Snake road' turn left, continue for many km on Pretoria road. ONLY 4-waystop: continue around 100 meters, keep left and turn left on M32 after 1,5 km, just past karry road: on the wall on the left in big green 236A – that’s it. Hoot! (only in the morning, otherwise call)

Bulungula near Coffee Bay, Bulungula Near Coffee Bay (south) on the coast, phone or email before for map, very difficult to find! hone: 083 391 5525 email: dave@bulungula.com, www.bulungula.com great and special place on the beach, beautiful campsite, community project, horse ride, village tours etc. beautiful beach, several friendly dogs
Hamburg Camping Hamburg At the End of the road to the sea Nice campsite with beautiful beach to walk
Hogsback Away with the fairies Signposted in Hogsback Very nice backpacker/camping in beautiful nature to walk (lord of the rings inspiring) some friendly dogs
Oudshoorn Attakwas 192, Jan van Riedbeeck Road Nice, small and friendly place owner loves overlander and stories!
Swartberg The Hell S 33 21.618 / E 21 40.946 Quiet campsite at the end of beautiful valley, bad road, 1 dog (m)
Robertson Van Loveren Winery S 33.52.501 / E 20.00.111 Excellent wine tasting for free (hole day!) Ask owner for camping on private ground, beautiful camping possibility on the river, for free
Cape Town Lighthouse Farm Backpacker Oude Mole Eco Village, Observatory/Pinelands

S 33.56.247 / E 18.29.275

Very friendly place, very good with dogs to walk (park), free internet, close to town, table mountain possible with dogs if you walk (early in the morning, hot!), dogs not allowed in cable cart

Beautiful drives:

Through Cederberge: nice Mountain scenery

Through Baviaanskloof: wilderness aerea, bad roads, wonderful nature, dogs not allowed but no problem, even bushcamp in park possible

Cape Peninsula: Chapmanspeak drive (southwest of Cape town), spectacular view! At Noordhoek beautiful beach, nice for walks (with dogs)

Cape Peninsula: Simonstown – wild Penguins to swim with in the sea. Walk around fenced aerea on trail (free) to watch penguins possible with dogs,

Cape of good hope: National Park, possible with dogs if kept in car or on the leash (nobody cares)



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Kasane Thebe River Camping S 17 47.119 / E 25 10.988 Nice and big campsite at Chobe River, overlandtrucks, one small dog,fenced
Chobe NP Bushcamp near Gcoha Gate Gcoha Gate:

S 18 23.261 E 24 14.726

Bushcamp outside of the park with elephants etc. , transit next day through whole Chobe NP, ok with dog (don’t ask, don’t let it out)
Khwai River Bushcamp near Khwai River Lodge Khwai River Lodge:

S 19 08.878 / E 23 47.998

Khwai River Lodge don’t allow camping (luxury lodge) bushcamping near by, lots of hippos, lots of animals on the way but no NP (good with dogs)
Seronga Mbiroba Lodge

S 18 49.556 / E 22 25.961

Very beautiful campsite on the north side of Okavango Delta, community project, cheapest Mokorotrips into Delta, 1 dog (m)

Nice drive al around north end Delta from Khwai River to Seronga (small Piste, 2 days)

Shakawe Shakawe Fishing Lodge S 18 26.145 / E 21 54.362 Nice campsite on the Okavango River, 1 dog (f)
Tsodilo Hills Makoba Woods Campsite S 18 45.706 / E 21 44.593 Nice and lonely campsite, very simple, park, but dog ok if on leash, very interesting and old stonepaintings, nice walks
Maun Audi Camp S 19 56.030 / E 23 30.520 Nice big campsite northeast of town, nice bar and swimmingpool, carefull: in the dark some scorpions, good walks with dog along river (rarely crocodiles), 1 dog
Gweta Gweta Rest Camp S 20 12.561 / E 25 15.473 Nice campsite with swimmingpool, good stop before kubu island to inquire conditions of salt pan (don’t drive it, if wet!!!)
Kubu Island Kubu Campsite S 20 53.649 / E 25 49.390 One of Africas nicest campsites! Surrealistic nature in the middle of salt pan with old baobabs, ok with dogs, good walks (don’t drive salt pan if wet!!!)

Beautiful drives:

Around northend of Okavango Delta from Khwai River to Seronga, small Piste

From Chobe NP along Khwai River, direction Moremi NP: beautiful nature, many animals but no NP, bushcamping ok (but officially not allowed)

To Kubu Island through salt pan (from Gweta) – salt pans are very dangerous when wet! Inquire before!





Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Senenga Senenga Safari Lodge S 16 05.948 / E 23 17.839 Nice campsite above Zambezi River
Kafue NP Mukambi Lodge Few km west of West-Gate, outside Park, signposted

+/- S14 58.640 E25 59.596

Campsite on Kafue River, nice, tame warthogs at lodge, gamedrives, boat safaris
Ithezi Thezi Musungwa Safari Lodge S 15 46.955 / E 26 00.312 Nice lodge with swimmingpool, good view on lake, very small campsite but ok if alone, bargaining for price possible! Other campsites near by
Lusaka Eureka Campsite

S 15 30.206 / E 28 15.899

Nice, overlandtrucks, many monkeys (difficult with dogs)
Lusaka Village Camp S 15.31.320 / E 28.15.777

( south of town, south of Eureka Camp)

Nice small campsite, swimmingpool, fenced compound, good with dogs
Outside Chirundu Gwabi Lodge S 15 57.121 / E 28 51.662 Very nice camping on Kafue river, interesting boatsafari on zambesi river, 1 dog at lodge (m)
Siavonga Eagles Nest Restcamp S 16 32.207 / E 28 43.660 Nice place on lake Kariba, visiting of the Dam possible, daypass on Zambian Immigration (Dam: Border to Zimbabwe) for free
Livingstone Livingstone Safari Lodge S 17 52.825 / E 25 52.194 Nice campsite, very friendly owner, 1 friendly dog (m)
Livingstone Zig-Zag Coffee House S 17 51.875 / E 25 51.255 Very nice Restaurant with good food and coffee, free wireless internet

Beautiful drives:

Katima Mulilo – Sioma Falls (=Ngonye Falls), S16 39.484 / E23 34.309 – Senenga – Mungo: nice Falls, Mokorotrip to Falls (with dogs), small campsite at falls, few tourists, nice nature

Transit trough Kafue NP: we saw many animals

Lusaka-Chirundu: down over steep escarpment



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Windhoek Elisenheim S 22 26.219 / E 17 06.048

15 km north on B1

Very nice and green campsite on farm 15 km north of Windhoek, tame kudu, warthogs, baboons, pets officially not allowed but ask about dog-will be ok if not hunting. Good food, Friendly owner, good mechanic stuff, possibility to post car there
Windhoek Roof of Africa S 22 33.251 / E17 05.716

On Nelson Mandela

Camping in small yard possible, near center, very good and nice restaurant (buffet)
Keetmnshoop Garas Rest Camp S 26 25.094 / E 18 11.407 Very nice campsite with big dulls along the way, quiver tree forest, 2 dogs
Fishriver Canyon, north Canon Raodhouse S 27 31.326 / E 17 49.023 Nice campsite, good food, dogs officially not allowed but should be ok on leash, nice walks
Fishriver Canyon Ai-Ais Ai-Ais Resort S 27 55.080 / E 17 29.330 Big and sometimes very full campsite in the canyon with hot springs to swim. Dogs probably not allowed, but if you stay at the far end of the campsite and keep them on leash, nobody cares, nice walks
Aussenkehr Norotshama River Resort S 28 23.651/ E 17 24.654 Nice campsite on oranje river, nice walks along grapefields
Lüderitz Shark Island Restcamp S 26 38.182 / E 15 09.131 If good weather very nice campsite on peninsula

Kolmanskop ghost town, interesting tour: S26 42.117 / E15 13.900

Aus Klein Aus Vista S 26 39.120 / E 16 14.632 Very nice place with good hiking trails
On D707 Namtib Biosphere Signposted on D707 Beautiful quiet campsite, guided walks into dunes (no dogs), nice walks with dogs around campsite
Sossusvlei Sesriem Campsite S 24 29.189 / E 15 47.961

Permit at entrance

Big Campsite in the park (additional open field), no reservation required, if arriving late (Gate closes at 18.00) and parking on the very edge it’s ok with dogs. Leave the earliest possible in the morning and drive directly all to sossusvlei (don’t stop at dune 45, do it on the way back, than it’s empty), walk the dunes at sossusvlei/dead vlei/hidden vlei – you will be almost alone for 1 hour, great!!! We even took the dog on the leash for the walk
Solitaire Camp Gecko On 1275, 30 km from Solitaire

S 23 42.655 / E 16 04.255

2 Campsites: Hilltop with wonderful view, very nice restaurant, Oeco-Pool, friendly manager, handmade knifes, game drives, 3 dogs at farmhouse (m+2f) we worked there, In Solitaire Fillingstation-Shop excellent applepie
Namib-Naukluft Rock Arch S 22 47.593 / E 15 30.122

Buy permit in Windhoek or Swakopmund

Camping directly under stone arch, very remote, beautiful! springbockes etc.. 4x4 pad, dogs are not allowed in park, but nobody checks – just keep on leash
Swakopmund Desert Sky Backp. S 22 40.880 / E 14 31.681 In the middle of town, small carpark for camping, fenced, 1 small dog
Swakopmund Sofia Dahl S 22 38.488 / E 14 38.191 12 km outside of town on B2, mostly sunny when misty in Swakop, nice campsite, dune-skiing, 2 dogs
Spitzkoppe Spitzkoppe S 21 49.597 / E 15 10.207 (top of Spitzkuppe) just enter Park and check out campsites One of Africas nicest camping (campsites very far apart from each other) in the middle of wonderful nature!!! Bring one water/food/wood. Good for hiking. No problems with dogs.
Brandberg With Lady Lodge S 21 00.921 / E 14 41.111


Nice big place in a riverbed, often elephants around. Dogs officially not allowed (signs) but was possible when we asked, but it had to be on leash
Place (Namibia) Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Near Kamanjab Otjitotongwe Cheetah Farm S 19 35.474 / E 15 03.997

Signposted On C40, around 25 km east of Kamanjab

Nice Campsite on Cheetah-Farm. We liked the "Cheetah-Safari" (feeding of wild cheetah and caressing tame ones) – as long as you are there in low season (otherwise crowded!)
Puros Puros Camping S 18 44.058 / E 12 56.559 (or close by) One of Africas nicest campsite!!! Big sites under trees with own toilet, shower, sink (beautifully fit into nature), very often wild elephants in camp or riverbed, giraffes, oryx, zebras – no park, no problems with dogs
Opuwo Opuwo Country Lodge Turn off from main road downtown:

S 18 03.189 / E 13 50.627

Nice campsite next to expensive Lodge on top of a hill (also a bit expensive), have a sundowner at the lodge: beautiful view!
Van Zyls Pass Freecamp on top of Pass Wonderful view down to the Marienflusstal!!!

Better not doing Van Zyls alone, really steep, do it only downhill (E-W)

Marienflusstal Syncrocamp End of the Valley

S 17 15.842 / E 12 26.628

Nice Campsite directly on Kunene River, friendly owner, 1 dog (f)
Hartmannstal Freecamp in the dunes End of Valley Nice Sand dunes at the End of the Valley, beautiful for freecamp
Epupa-Falls Community Campsite (not Hot Springs) S 17 00.102 / E 13 14.667(or close by) above Epupa-Falls Nice community campsite directly on the falls, nice walks, beautiful nature and big falls
Kunene River Kunene River Lodge S 17 24.652 / E 14 03.048 Nice campsite directly on the Kunene River, good and nice restaurant
Etosha Etosha Safari Camp S 19 24.639 / E 15 55.444 Campsite 10 km outside NP (south gate), nice big campsite, nice walks in small conservation aerea also with dogs, perfect to stay outside of park with dog and go for game drives
Popa Falls (Caprivi) Goabaca Community Restcamp S 18 06.689 / E 21 34.885 Eastside of Okavango Nice campsite with platforms (campsites) build to overlook rapids, directly at the rapids
On Okavango River (Caprivi) Mahangu Safari Lodge S18 06.689 / E 21 34.885, signposted on D3403 Nice Campsite on Okavango River, Hippos and Crocs to watch, good food, 2 small dogs (m)
On Kuando River


Namushasha Lodge S 17 59.170 / E 23 17.727

Signposted on M125/C49

Beautiful Lodge and Campsite directly on Kuando River, good food, game drives, hippos, crocs
Katima Mulilo (Caprivi) Zambezi Lodge S 17 29.180 / E 24 17.113 Campsite directly on Zambezi River, nice floating bar, good to take of to Zambia, careful with dogs: there are crocs in all rivers!

Beautiful drives:

Along east-side of Fishrivercanyon to Ai-Ais, D324

Shortcut from Ai-Ais to Aussenkehr through beautiful nature: D316, turn off at S 28 23.651 / E 17 24.654 to right

Aussenkehr – Lüderitz: very beautiful along Oranje River through Ai-Ais NP

On D707 along south of Namib-Naukluft nice view of dunes

Puros – Orupembe on D 3707 and on to Opuwo or van Zyls etc.: very beautiful desert with wild animals, lots of 4x4 drives around Puros

Puros – Sesfontein: either on D3707 or via Amspoort (S19 20.808 / E13 09.629) trough Hoanib Riverbed very nice nature, lots of animals, camping in riverbed possible (since 2007 Hoanib Riverbed is a Consession Aerea and one has to pay at entrance or exit)

Marienflusstal and Hartmannstal: very nice nature (desert, sanddunes at the end of Hartmansstal), no people, some animals, get there either via Van Zyls Pass (only E-W, downhill, better with at least two cars) or from Orupembe (S18 11.367 / E12 33.951) on one of two small pistes (ok with 4x4)

Epupa-Falls – Kunene River Lodge: very nice small road along Kunene River, 4x4, road not as bad as people say (took us 5 hours) but bigger vehicles (unimog etc) need longer (up to 2 days, but bushcamp very nice and no problem) worth it!


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Tomboco Catholic Mission S 06 48.262 / E 013 19.773 Good place, very friendly padres which love to chat, 2 dogs

For the rest (we only got a 8 day-visa) we just bushcamped along the road. No problems but be careful with landmines!



Democratic Republic of Congo

Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Matadi Catholic Mission (Sisters) S 05 49.929 / E 013 27.720 Ok to stay, in the middle of town, no alternatives in Matadi (Catholic Mission of the father next door, but more expensive)
Boma Catholic Mission Downtown next to the big church on the hill Better than nothing – at least safe and cold shower
Muanda Catholic Mission S 05 55.890 / E 012 20.531 Ok for camping, bargain for price!




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Cagongo Catholic Mission Beside big church on the hill Friendly and quiet, nice walks on the beach




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Pointe-Noire Yachtclub S 04 47.363 / E 011 50.872 Great pace to stay on the beach for free and organize visa, nice restaurant

We bushcamped for the other nights – no problem



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Lambaréné Mission des Soeurs de l'Immaculée Conception S 00 41.517 / E 010 13.680 Nice place and friendly sisters, but for more than one car only possible during weekend because on weekdays compound is a kindergarten.
Lopé NP, Kazamabika Lodge Signposted in twon After some bargaining ok, beautiful lodge with restaurant
Ndjole Hotel l’Escale On mainroad in town Camping in the yard or at the parking, noisy (taffic), good restaurant

Bushcamping no problem!



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Ebolowa Hotel Le Ranch N 02 54.938 / E 011 08.512 Ok, shower/toilet in a hotelroom, restaurant
Yaoundé Presbyterian Guesthouse N 03 52.784 / E 011 31.345 In the middle of town, green and quite, strange housekeeper, dogs in the neighberhood
Embassy DRC: N 03 53.659 / E 011 30.955
Embassy Congo: N 03 53.724 / E 011 31.207
Embassy Gabon: N 03 52.784 / E 011 31.345
Dschang Centre climatique Signposted in Dschang, on the hill in a park Wonderful bungalow resort with alpine climat, camping next to a bungalow (shower/toilet), swimmingpool, good restaurant, walkingdistance to town
Borderpost Otu In front of customs Not great but ok …

Beautiful drive: to and from Dschang



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Abeokuta Sacred Heart Hospital South of town Ask for Dr. Biersack (german) or other european doctors, let you camp on the hospital compound, toilet / shower / breakfast in the private ward
Ihiala Our Lady of Lourds Hospital On the mainraod to Calabar Catholic sisters are running this hospital, very quiet and clean compound, they will find you a place to camp on the compound, toilet/shower at private ward, sisters are very friendly and interested in travel stories
Calabar Paradise City Hotel Downtown Camping on the parking aerea possible, but not very nice… if you want a shower you have to pay the price for a room





Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Abomey Chez Monique N 07 11.808 / E 001 58.840 Craft center, restaurant, camping, ok, several dogs
Grand Popp Awalé Plage Signposted on main road Nice campsite at the beach, nice beach



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Lome Chez Alice N 06 10.088 / E 01 20.420 Camping close to beach, good for walks on the beach, nice restaurant, several dogs at camping



Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary N 07 42.464 / W 001 42.136 Monkey Sanctuary, nice Camping, Restaurant
Dixcove Green Turtle Lodge N 04 45.509 / W 002 01.269 Beautiful Lodge with camping directly at the nice and long beach, good restaurant, bar, careful with swimming, strong current and big surf, 1 dog
Accra Next Stop Hotel East of Accra (about10km) on the coastal road, signposted Camping at the big hotel parking possible, nice restaurant
Wli Waterfall Lodge N 07 06.950 / E 000 35.320 Good place in beautiful tropical surrounding, german travellers own this place, godd food, great walk to waterfalls, 1 dog (m)
Lake Bosumtwi Rainbow Village Signposted on the main road at the village on the sea (rhs) Great, beautiful place to relax, water safe for swimming, god food, nice walk around the lake, 1 dog (m)
Mole Game Reserve Camping just after the turnoff from main road to the park Friendly place to stay outside of the park (good with dogs), possible to rent bicycles to go to the park for walking safari

No problems with bushcamping

Burkina Faso

Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Satiri Camping Mare aux Hippopotamos N 11 33.46 / W 004 09.073 Nice spot to camp directly an the lakeside, but no infrastructure, nice boattrips on the lake to watch hippos
Bobo-Dioulasso Casa Africa N 11 10.154 / W 004 18.696 Small but beautiful! Quiet, excellent poisson de capitaine walking distance to town center
Boromo Forêt des Deux Balé N 12 20.119 / W 001 30.829 Great place to watch elephants! Camping possible but a bit expensiv
Karfiguéla Parking Waterfall N 10 43.100 / W 004 49.182 Camping possible, nice waterfall, beautiful walks along falls
Sindou   Camping at the "entrance" to the rock formation, at southend of Sindou Beautiful scenery with stunning rockformation, great walks on the rock plateau, parking beneath plateau is also campsite

Good for bushcamping


Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Hombori Le Main de Fatima West of Hombori, signposted on mainroad Small and basic campsite, no shadow, quiet
Bandiagara Togona Campement N 14 21.498 / W 003 38.591 Relaxed campsite on the escarpment, on the mainroad
Between Ségou/San Teriya Bugu Camp N 13 12.678 / W 005 31.753 Great place to relax, on the baniriver, local project: farm and tourism, some bungalows, swimmingpool, lots of farmanimals
Bamako Camping Le Cactus N 12 32.180 / W 008 02.760

12km out of town (southbank)

Nice and quiet, on the southbank of the river niger, 12 km out of town in quarter Kalaban Koro, friendly Canadian owner, good food, big buffet on Sundays, 2 dog (m+f), our dog is from there
Bamako Hotel Le Relais On the main road to Camping le Cactus, some km after bridge, signposted, on rhs Hotel with swimmingpool and camping on southbank of niger, short after new bridge over niger
Djenne Chez Baba Downtown Djenne Camping in small hotelyard that is restaurant at night, ok
Mopti Hotel / Camping Just before Mopti center, on rhs, signposted Nothing special, camping at dusty hotelparking, noisy, but not much choice …

Great for bushcamps

Beautiful drives:

Over Bandiagara-Escarpment into Dogonland to Douentza

Douentza – Hombori: impressive mountain scenery

Hombori – I-n-Adiattafene: semi-desert, small pistes, no people, possible to see desert elephants on the way or in Adiattafene

Hombori-Boumboum-Douna-Djibo (Burkina Faso), unspoiled nature, semi-desert, small or no roads, great for bushcamps, immigration at Djibo




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Koundara Catholic Mission In town, just ask Very quiet, friendly fathers
Near Labé Kambadaga Waterfalls N 10 59.988 / W 012 29.387 Beautiful spot for bushcamping at the end of the road at the river
near Labé Chutes de la Sala N 11 17.762 / W 012 31.171 Bushcamping with view over the big waterfalls
Near Kinda Camping/Bungalow

Voile de la Marie

12 km east of Kindia, signposted on main road Nice bungalow resort with camping possibility, beautiful Bridal Falls just on the compound

Good for bushcamping, but best next to villages (safety), ask there for permission, people are very friendly and don’t bother you

Beautiful drives:

Labé – Kambadaga Waterfalls: rough road but beautiful, nice walks to the four falls

Pita-Sinta-Kindia: wonderful mountain scenery




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
St. Louis Zebrabar N 15 51.085 / W 016 30.071

20 km south of town

Great place to relax, excellent food, very friendly swiss owner, swimming and windsurfing in the lagune, shiatsu-massage, 2 dogs

Great for bushcamping




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Georgtown Jang-Jang Bureh On northbank, 1 km to east Nice friendly bungalow / camping directly at river. Lots of monkeys
Banjul / Serekunda Sukuta Camping N 13 25.169 / W 16 42.946 German runned camping, helpful owner, restaurant , bar




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Nouâkchott Auberge des Nomades N 18 05.350 / W 015 58.689 Small, dusty yard, very friendly, in the middle of town, 1 dog (m)
Atar Camping Bab Sahara In town Friendly place, washingmachine,
Nouadhibou Chez Abba South end of town Big, sandy place, ok but noisy

Great for bushcamps

Beautiful drives:

Along the beach from Nouadhibou to Nouakchott

Atar – Tidjikja : beautiful desert trip for 5 days




Place Name Camping Directions / GPS Comment
Chefchaouen Camping Azilan N 35 10.511 / W 05 15.977 Nice place above the town, hot showers, 2 dogs
Fes Camping International N 33 59.991 / W 4 58.288 Big campsite, out of town, friendly
Meknes International N 33 52.870 / W 05 33.365 Quite place in walking distance to town
Marrakech Camping Firdaous N 31 43.150 / W 7 58.913 Out of town, big campsite, only very cold showers
Er Rachidia, Meski Blue source 16 km south of Er-Rachidia Beautiful camping in a oasis, swimmingpool with water from natural source
Gorge du Dades Berbère de la Montage N 31 33.384 / W 05 54.622 Beautiful, friendly spot in the george, very good food, very hot and clean showers
Tafraoute Les trios Palmiers In town Nice camping, beautiful surrounding, great for hiking, 1 dog
Tiznit Camping Municipal Downtown Big campsite, nothing special but ok
Plage Blanche Fort Bou Jerif N 29 04.940 W 10 19 853 Nice campsite in the middle of nowhere, godd food, great walks, on the way to plage blanche
Near Boujdour Bushcamp on beach Turn off from main road

N 25 58.150 / w 14 30.100

1o km south of Boujdour a small path leads down escarpment to great beach, wonderful for bushcamping
Dakhla Camping Moussafir 6 km bevor Dakhla Camping ok but very windy (everywhere in Dakhla), wonderful scenery around Dakhla

Good for bushcamping

Beautiful drives:

Tinerhir – Gorges du Todra – Gorges du Dades – Boumalne Dades : very difficult road between two gorges, but fantastic scenery

Agadir – Tafraoute –Tiznit: wonderful hilly route in the Anti Atlas, great for hiking in Tafraoute